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Get ready to grab life by the pokéballs. After spreading the craze in Cleveland and Los Angeles, writers Alex Syiek and Andrew Leslie Cooper are proud to keep bringing the pokélove. In this mile-a-minute (unofficial) Pokémon parody musical, see your favorite nostalgia-ridden characters from the cartoons and games take the stage like never before. The Pokémusical lovingly lampoons the famous franchise that is slowly taking over our lives. There’s battling animals (sorry PETA), songs about evolution (sorry creationists), and everyone’s favorite adorable yellow rat speaking in iambic pentameter (sorry Shakespeare). It’s a story about climbing to the top, and the importance of the friends you meet along the way, and, speaking of friends, join in the craze (or we’ll cancel your Pokémon GO account)!



The winner of the "Best Fringe Festival Musical" Award at The Hollywood Fringe, 2013


Next Event - Feinstein's/54 Below - August 7th, 2016 at 9:30 PM


The LAist Review: 

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